The ACE DisAbility Network – Training, information and disability resources

Tailored training and professional development on a wide range of disability issues including:

  • Disability awareness
  • Aged related disability
  • Sport and disability awareness
  • Employing people with disability
  • Teaching techniques to meet the needs of specific disability cohorts
  • Communicating with people with disability
  • Duty of care
  • Disability Action Planning
  • Working with volunteers with disability
  • Induction
  • Local government disability planning and local laws
  • Any other disability related topic

Training can be conducted on provider premises or in our premises.

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Disability Resources, Supports & the NDIS Workshop

Thursday November 17th 2016 9:30am-12:30pm, This workshop includes information and strategies to aid those working directly or indirectly with people with all types of disability to identify various adjustments, resources or supports both for the person and/or for your organisation.


Upcoming Training Workshop Online Video Training Resources

Disability Information and Resources

  • Comprehensive information website including:
    • Classroom resources
    • Physical resources
    • Community Access
  • Self Directed Training Manual available in hard copy or electronically
  • Assistance with disability action planning, advice and practical assistance to ACE providers in order to work more effectively with people with disabilities, including
    • Site audits
    • Resource advice
  • Information sharing among ACE providers with respect to disability
  • Distribution of a quarterly newsletter and tip sheets
  • Research on disability and adult education
  • Disability related project work
  • E-Learning modules

The ACE DisAbility Network is not government funded and therefore services will incur costs. These are kept to a minimum and are negotiable.