The ACE DisAbility Network – Training, information and disability resources

Tailored training and professional development on a wide range of disability issues including:

  • Disability awareness
  • Aged related disability
  • Sport and disability awareness
  • Employing people with disability
  • Teaching techniques to meet the needs of specific disability cohorts
  • Communicating with people with disability
  • Duty of care
  • Disability Action Planning
  • Working with volunteers with disability
  • Induction
  • Local government disability planning and local laws
  • Any other disability related topic

Training can be conducted on provider premises or in our premises.

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Online Video Training Resources

Disability Information and Resources

  • Comprehensive information website including:
    • Classroom resources
    • Physical resources
    • Community Access
  • Self Directed Training Manual available in hard copy or electronically
  • Assistance with disability action planning, advice and practical assistance to ACE providers in order to work more effectively with people with disabilities, including
    • Site audits
    • Resource advice
  • Information sharing among ACE providers with respect to disability
  • Distribution of a quarterly newsletter and tip sheets
  • Research on disability and adult education
  • Disability related project work
  • E-Learning modules

The ACE DisAbility Network is not government funded and therefore services will incur costs. These are kept to a minimum and are negotiable.