ALL IN - Video Training Resources

These training modules were developed by the ACE DisAbility Network on aspects of teaching and working with people with different disability. They may be used for:

  • General class room use
  • Part of a training course
  • Personal reference


  • These modules were created with funding from the Adult Community & Further Education Board.
  • Film production was by Challenge Multimedia: a Yooralla enterprise that supports people with disability.
  • All parts were played by students and staff of Yooralla Adult Education

Module Overview

Working with people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Shows a meeting taking place where one person is hard of hearing. The first part shows the meeting where no adjustment is made for that person, the second where adjustment has been made for the person who is hard of hearing.

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Working with people who are blind or have low vision

Shows a classroom where a student is blind. The first part looks at where no adjustment has been made; the second shows how a teacher can accommodate a person who is blind.

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Working with people with physical disability

Shows the difficulties faced by a student with physical disability in attending classes where barriers are present.

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Working with people with short term memory loss

Demonstrates strategies that can be used in class where a student has short term memory problems.

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Working with people with speech impairment

Jack and Peter meet Sandy. Sandy demonstrates incorrect and then correct ways of communicating with people with speech impairment.

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Critical incident management

Henry is having problems coping in class, as his anger escalates the film shows how a teacher might best respond to his increasing lack of control.

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Pre course interviewing

Demonstrates an interview with a young person with intellectual disability and how to elicit information in a non-threatening manner.

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