Physical Support Options

Section 23 of the Disability Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to discriminate on the grounds of disability in providing access to or use of premises that the public can enter or use.

There is no specific on-going government funding program for disability modifications, however such modifications can/should be included in any renovation/modernisation of a building. ACE providers are supposed to be accessible under the Disability Discrimination Act, Education Standards and all other government regulatory systems.

Depending on the type/expense involved with the items required consider the following:

For a Portable Disability Access Ramp

Obtain advice and assistance with this via a local Health Centre Occupational Therapist as the ramp needs to be built to Disability Access guidelines and should also be tailored to suit the width of the door opening. A word of warning: an access ramp may create an OHS hazard and may not be the best solution for an area with steps if you intend this to be a permanent solution. Often a person with disability may bring their own ramp. Ask them if they have a ramp and if they think it would work at your centre.

Examples of portable Disability Access Ramps

Funding for a Ramp

You will need to cost out your ramp and write a funding application to cover its purchase and delivery. Possible funders/supporters may include:

Funding for Building Accessibility Modifications

Unfortunately the same applies in relation to funding the cost of any building accessibility modifications with respect to funding.

Any building modifications made must be done according to the Australian Standards. These standards are under review. However the following primary Australian Standards relating to building modifications are still relevant:

Accessibility Modifications Commonly Consider:

(Standards Australia 1992; Standards Australia 2001; HREOC)

To get advice or assistance that ensures you comply with these requirements you should contact one of the many access consultancy services available online.

A good starting point would be the Association of Consultants in Access Australia.

Association of Consultants in Access Australia website