The ACE DisAbility Network Self Directed Training Manual on Disability

Provides comprehensive training directed specifically at adult education providers in all aspects of disability which impact on them.

Each module contains:

  • An information sheet with case studies which can be used as handouts
  • Power points of key points
  • A discussion paper of case studies and questions to provide a basis for classroom discussion or for individual reflection plus details of where to find further information
  • A quick quiz which can be used as a recap at the end of a session, to reinforce understanding or as a pre-test before starting a module


  1. Legislative requirements
  2. Dispelling myths
  3. Understanding inclusion
  4. Communicating with people with disability
  5. Impacts of disability on learning and strategies to meet them
  6. Pre course interviewing
  7. Classroom management
  8. Working with support workers
  9. Disability action planning
  10. Duty of Care
  11. Managing volunteers with disability
  12. What is disability?
  13. How does the disability/mental health sector work?
  14. Working with the disability/mental health sector


  • $50 per module ($30 for ACE Disability Network members)
  • $100 for 4 modules
  • Whole manual: $350 ($300 for ACE Disability Network members)

More information?

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